Currency Converter

Here is a very clever and useful currency converter written by Jonathan Weesner, it uses up-to-the-minute financial data from Federal Reserve Bank of New York each time you download it.
It is quite easy to use and it can be stored on your computer for use off-line.

All prices shown on this site are in Pounds Sterling and that is the currency we trade in. This currency converter is for guidance only as the real price will be determined by the banks at the actual time of transaction.

Note that it's written in JavaScript so your computer must support this otherwise it will not work at all. Check your browser is JavaScript enabled so:

Navigator V3.0 onwards Options | Network Preferences | Languages then tick Enable JavaScript
MS Internet Explorer V3+ View | Options | Advanced then tick Enable Java JIT compiler

Yes I'd like the currency converter Currency Conversion Calculator

The file name is ccc.shtml note the extention, so when you are searching for it on your system use the all files option.